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Reviews For Drunken Colonel Saga

Reviewer: manyka Signed Date: 2015.06.11 08:44:51 Title: Drunken Colonel Saga

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Reviewer: anneTrembley Anonymous Date: 2008.01.06 16:35:17 Title: What Do You Do When Bad Things Always Happen To The Good Guys? (15/End)

GREAT story. It fit nicely between the lines, and it made sense. I really enjoyed it.  actually the BEST Carter has a baby story that I have yet read.

Reviewer: Anne Trembley Anonymous Date: 2007.11.21 22:53:30 Title: What Do You Do When Bad Things Always Happen To The Good Guys? (15/End)

LOVE IT!!!! A better mtched pair then O'Neal/Carter.

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