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Reviews For Memoirs of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill (retired)

Reviewer: nell Signed Date: 2010.03.20 15:53:17 Title: Memoirs of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill (retired)

I thoroughly enjoyed Jack's tale of his adventures and trials while grieving for Sam.  You did a great job of writing the inner thoughts and feelings of Jack.  His humor, his anger, his despondency.  My goodness I was worried if he would make it through with all the whump and angst and injuries.  The new characters were interesting.  Including canon events with other SGC characters and Goa'ulds was interesting.  I am going straight to "re-activated" because I really want Jack and Sam to have a happy reunion. 

Reviewer: Janice Anonymous Date: 2007.11.22 00:34:41 Title: Memoirs of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill (retired)

What an interesting story.  I've kinda skimmed through it for now, and am glad to find that Sam is alive, though I don't know how or what happened to her yet.  I find it strange that though she is a fictional character, I hurt when she is hurt or lost or presumed dead.  I will enjoy reading ALL of this story.

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